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My action biography

I am very poorly educated. I have not been able to develop myself as a skilled person today. I have got the opportunity to work in many small and big organizations due to my livelihood. The store of experience is also not very large. Still trying to say something about work life.

I have been working in private sector for last thirty years. I have gathered a few little experience working in different company. In which a few company name mention here.

I have performed job as a documentation officer in ITS under CSR division for 3 years. Intertek Testing Services is a UK based multination company. It’s one of the reputed for testing, quality inspection and Audit Company in this world. Really ITS was an excellent enjoyable services company. I have achieved a few experience from here. This is a super company to achieve professional skill. I feel proud for ITS.

I have performed job as a social compliance auditor in Bureau Veritas CPS for 7 years. It is a USA based multinational company. It’s also one of the reputed for testing, quality inspection, certification and compliance audit. BV is a largest services company and a bank of professional knowledge. I able to achieve a few important knowledge from BV. I feel proud for BV.

I have performed job as a General Manager _ Administration, Human Right & Compliance in different garments factory for 8 years. This is a fantastic ground to achieve actual knowledge on corporate social responsibilities. I have enjoyed that period in midlevel to large level factories and gathered various type knowledge, experience. I think this is the best educational institute to learn about human resource, administrative activities and social compliance. I will never forget the period of garments jobs. Right now, I have been performing a job in a USA based another multinational company for last 2 years.

Apart from above mentioned places, I have performed job in agriculture sector as a farmer, in information & technology sector as a training instructor, print media as a reporter, pharmaceutical sector as a medical representative, teaching profession for few years also.

So, right now I am going to join a new journey with 4i Integrated Agro Farm and hopefully it will be continuing up to last moment of my life.

Thanking by
Md. Sayedur Rahman Khan (Iqbal)